10000 Watson Road, South Building, Suite 2L22
Saint Louis, Missouri  63126

A place for care and compassion

About Us

Wright Care Dentistry has provided quality dental care in a compassionate and caring environment to nursing home patients and independently living seniors since 2011.  We have serviced Eastern Missouri patients residing in the counties of Saint Charles, Saint Louis City and County, Warren, Lincoln, Pike, Ralls, Washington, Jefferson and Franklin.

Our purpose is to:

Identify and fill the gaps in the myriad of public and private oral healthcare services available to the uninsured and underserved in our community;

Identify and address the unmet oral healthcare needs in the underserved population of Missouri as to which dental clinics can have a significant and objectively verifiable impact;

Assist dental providers to navigate the complexities of providing oral health care to an unmet population;

Provide dental consulting expertise from dentists and certified dental consulants;

Educate patients in oral health and prolonging their life; and

Identify and fund oral healthcare program opportunities in Missouri that can maximize the limited resources for the greatest effect upon the community we serve.